Lecrae: More Than Just Another “Christian” Rapper

If you have never heard of Christian rapper Lecrae, please don’t assume that he is like other generic, Bible-thumping Christian artists who just want to preach—the Houston, Texas native is far from that.

The Grammy-nominated artist makes it no secret that he is a devout Christian, but he also makes it quite obvious that he is a real emcee.

Signed to Reach Records, the record label that he co-founded, LeCrae is extremely well-received and respected in the secular Hip-Hop community. His newly released mixtape, Church Clothes, hosted by Don Canno, is begin placed alongside mainstream rap albums on popular Hip-Hop blogs and in noted publictions.

Church Clothes exposes the hypocrisy often found in the Christian church, while lending an honest and thoughtful perspective on the saving power of Christianity. The track “Darkest Hour” features former Clipse member No Malice—a collaboration that Lecrae views as a means to reaching more secular listeners.

Check out Lecrae latest visual for “Church Clothes” and let us know what you think…

-Fran B

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