Admitting you’re a hater isn’t easy, in fact, I don’t think the words, “I’m a hater” have ever been so openly spoken, but Def Jam recording artist, Miranda Brooke’s stomped on the scene and the bold songstress has no issue with telling fans exactly what she is, “a hater.”

Today, Brooke’s debut video for her single “Hater” premiered on 106 & Park and even host, Rocsi had to let out a “whoa” after watching the video depicting Brooke’s (the assistant) hating on her cheating boyfriend’s (photographer) model client who gets all of his attention.

In an interview, Brooke said “It’s a song about ugly feelings. Its about jealousy, weakness and insecurity, but its honest”.

I guess we all hate sometimes…Check out the BTS footage for Brooke’s debut video and the single “Hater” and tell us what you think…oh, and don’t be a hater!

MIranda Brooke Hater BTS from Phoenix Garcia on Vimeo.

-Fran B.


  1. Lisa Somers
    2011/10/06 at 12:41 pm #

    I think the concept is great. Great video with a beautiful girl and unique song. I wish her the best. Seems like a super star newcomer. I like the video, very dramatic.

  2. Name
    2011/10/06 at 10:24 pm #

    I can soooo relate to this song! LOVE IT! Great video to go along with it! Miranda is sooooo pretty! Hope to see more from her!

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