Last month, Lea made news as the first female artist signed to 50 Cent’s G-Note Record Label. Now, the Queens NY bred singer is making news because of her awe-inspiring vocals on her new single “November Skies.” Most people remember Lea as the sweet-sounding songbird that sung alongside rapper Lil’ Flip in his 2004 chart-topper, “Sunshine,” but this time around the Latin beauty is showing listeners that she is much more than a one-note with vocals similar to those of Leona Lewis’ or Jordan Sparks’.

In a recent interview with, when asked about her current sound, Lea said: “It’s probably a different direction. In “Sunshine,” I really wasn’t singing much. If you listen to “Sunshine,” my vocals are very breathy and airy. Now, I’m actually being pushed to sing the way I grew up singing. My inspiration was Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and people with big voices. With all these years that have passed, and I’m a little older, I’m able to be a little bit more confident in my voice. I’m singing a lot more now, so I’m trying to have a powerful balance to show off that I can actually sing.”

Check out “November Skies” and let us know what you think…

-Fran B.

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