Manny Delvalle

As far as up and coming pop superstars are concerned, Manny Delvalle is ready to prove why he emerges at the top of the list. The Philadelphia based, quadruple threat is rapidly permeating the music industry with a plethora of potential R&B hits, such as; “No One Else”, “PYT” and his latest, “Like Yesterday”. Not only exhibiting his talents as a singer, song-writer and a dancer, Manny remains true to one of his early passions, rapping, demonstrated on the track entitled “I’ll Go Anywhere”.

Although Manny appeals to a younger demographic, he still manages to embody a mature level of provocative allure. Remaining true to the classic R&B appeal, Manny has an insatiable knack for mesmerizing the ladies with an almost, gravitational force. To exemplify his seductive capabilities, Manny took the stage at the Time Square Arts Theater in NYC, to serenade Tamar Braxton, the youngest sister of the famed Toni Braxton. Garnering the occasional hoots and hollers, and an encouraging “Alright” from Ms. Braxton herself, Manny was well on his way to solidifying his heartthrob image.

Despite Manny’s bourgeoning newcomer status, he is far from unpolished. Manny has been hard at work honing his craft for the past 7 years. Hard work is an ethic Manny is undoubtedly acquainted with, being a former boxer. Manny’s boxing history has allowed him to undergo vigorous training rituals, and strict habits, full of routines that have translated over to his musical career. “I put in the effort that the other artists do, create music to compete with their amazing [talent] and work hard at my craft in all areas” says Manny in reference to his diligent nature.

With the assistance of Charles Perez and the Heavy Green Entertainment family, Manny will continue to rise above the average career span proven to be expected from most new artists. Manny’s latest single “Like Yesterday” produced by the Phantom Boyz LLC, emanates everything that is contemporary R&B, at the same time manages to illuminate the increasingly monotone world of pop music. Manny is someone who could  easily be compared to the likes of Justin Beiber, or even Jason Derulo, but he definitely has the qualities that would allow him to forge through sound comparisons. Manny Delvalle is moving straight ahead, letting nothing get in his way. Like he says in Like Yesterday, he’s got tunnel vision.


Be sure to check the video for his hit song “Like Yesterday”




Jay Rasean

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