Fans Welcome Back Former Xscape Group Member LaTocha Scott!

LaTocha Scott formerly of Xscape

Former bandmates, Kandi & “Tiny”, are not the only Xscape group members who are staying in the public eye. Former member, LaTocha Scott has made her way back into the spotlight with her latest single, “Bad Timing.” The track has been receiving major support from new and old fans alike, and recently, it racked-up 100,000 downloads on iTunes.

After an over 7-year hiatus, following the disbandment of Xscape, fans have credited the songstress for maintaining the same powerhouse vocals that brought the popular R&B girl-group to fame in the ‘90s. “Bad Timing” is the first single off of Scott’s upcoming album, and she will release a 10-track mixtape, entitled Truth in the Booth, prior to the release of her album.

Let us know what you think about “Bad Timing”…

LaTocha’s Thank You Letter to her Fans…

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