International Model, Fashion & Beauty Editor, CEO, Designer and Entertainment Personality Anita Rincón

When she’s not on the red carpet interviewing your fav celeb, hosting a special event, reporting the latest fashion and beauty trends via one of  the many publications she contributes to, modeling, or jet-setting between Europe and the US, International Model, Entrepreneur, Media Maven, & Fashion Editor, Anita Rincón is running her upcoming brands and honing in on her skills as an entrepreneur and business mogul in the making.

The Argentinian/Finnish beauty is a true inspiration to women everywhere, and proves that hard work and determination will allow you to manifest your dreams into reality and take you beyond expectation. She recently relocated from Europe and (as the old saying goes) has been taking the US by storm. From representing all European media at MBFW Swim SS14 to covering award shows and interviewing industry elite, Anita shows no signs of stopping soon. We were able to catch up with her and chat a bit about more of who she is, what she does, how she manages to do it all,  life in the US, and what we can expect next!


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a fashion-beauty-entertainment personality, model, columnist, designer, entrepreneur and stylist. I was born in Finland, Northern Europe. Apart from Finland, my life’s been divided between Argentina, Spain, Sweden and the U.S. I write about fashion, style, beauty and entertainment in English, Spanish and Finnish for different magazines, newspapers and websites around the world. The main ones have been Metro International, Juicy Magazine and I recently relocated to New York City and couldn’t be happier!

Who and what inspires you?

I can get inspired by anything, anyone, anywhere, anytime. First and foremost, what keeps me motivated and loving what I do is the incredible feedback I get from my readers. There’s no better reward than being able to inspire other people. I’m inspired by many talented people in the entertainment business today, such as J Lo, Diddy and Pitbull, who have managed to turn an amazing career into a real empire. My greatest inspiration comes from my family; my mother has always inspired me to work hard by setting a great example. I also get inspiration from traveling. To me, the most inspiring cities in the world are Miami, New York, Buenos Aires and London.

What sparked your interest in the fashion and entertainment industry and how did you get your start?

I don’t remember there ever being a doubt in my mind that I would end up working in any other industry – I always had a vision of what I wanted to do and where I wanted to get in life. I even learned my first words in English by going through fashion and beauty magazines. I started modeling at the age of 17 in San Miguel de Tucumán, Argentina. I never went to school for fashion; I have a degree in international economics and marketing, which has very little to do with this industry. However, my education has helped me look at fashion and beauty from a business-oriented perspective. I was a country manager in charge of online marketing for one of Europe’s largest online fashion retailers while I went to college in Sweden. The experience I gained from there has definitely helped me a lot with my own business endeavors. I’ve always had different fashion-related projects on the side; launching my own brand has been in the works for several years now and it’s finally coming out in a couple of months from now.

What brought you to the U.S. this summer, and have you done any work in the US before?

I’ve always adored the U.S. – I’ve been to the States at least once a year since I can remember and also I used to live and work in Miami, so it feels like my second home. Although I’ve been building my career in Europe up to this point, I definitely see the American fashion scene as more versatile. European fashion is known to be classic, minimalistic and a bit androgynous – the way I see it, people are often afraid to stand out which definitely isn’t the case here. My style is feistier, edgier and more flamboyant. That’s reflected in my work, articles, designs and my website Although Europe’s my home, I always understood that the U.S. is where I needed to be. That’s why I’m beyond excited to start my U.S. takeover with my top-notch publicist here!

Did modeling have an influence on your decision to transition into fashion? If so, how?

I’d say modeling intensified my plans of building a career in fashion. Through modeling, I realized that my true passion is to create beauty. I come from a family of models; my aunt was one of Finland’s very first supermodels and moved to work in Paris at a young age. I still enjoy modeling and I’ve gotten the opportunity to work with some outstanding photographers and makeup artists.

Are there any fashion Icons that inspire you?

I love high-end fashion mixed with something urban and edgy. Perfect examples right now would be Rihanna, Kimora Lee Simmons, Tamar Braxton and Adrienne Bailon. Apart from celebrities, I’ve come across a bunch of “Instagram-famous” fashionistas with the coolest sense of fashion.

What advice would you give to anyone trying to get started in the fashion and entertainment industry?

To be honest, the fashion and entertainment industry is probably one of the toughest industries out there. You need to be really passionate, intense and prepared to work extremely hard. This industry doesn’t consist of regular 9-5 jobs, which means you’re most likely going to have to sacrifice a part of your social life. The reality isn’t always as glamorous as you would think; you need to develop a thick skin fast. It takes a certain type of mindset to become successful in this industry; all the successful people I’ve met have that in common. I believe that by staying determined and focused with a clear vision of what you want to achieve, you will get where you want to be.

Can you tell us more about your upcoming endeavors Vocês Swim and Luz Lashes? What exactly can we expect from you?

Vocês Swim is a luxury swimwear boutique that will be launched online internationally within a few weeks from now. It’s strongly influenced by Brazil and we shot the look book in Northern Argentina, which was a blast! Swimwear is becoming an increasingly important category in fashion, that’s something I keep noticing every summer season. Apart from being the founder of Vocês Swim, I’m also the face of the brand. The upcoming collection is all about bright colors, vivid details and ultra-feminine cuts. I like to think of Vocês Swim as a reflection of myself; a mixture of the fiercest South American swimwear traditions and classic European design. Having spent so many years in South America has a very deep impact on my style. There’s bikinis, monokinis and one-piece swimsuits. Unlike many other luxury swimwear brands, you can actually wear these to the beach and get them wet. I’ve made sure the pieces come with enhanced details to flatter every woman’s figure, so it’s really for every body type. Everyone should be able to look breathtaking in a bathing suit.

Luz Lashes is a new brand specializing in top-quality, 100% mink lashes. I was initially chosen as the face of the brand and to have my own signature lash collection, but I ended up partnering up with the company. Before discovering mink lashes, I had only used regular strip lashes and lash extensions here and there, but wasn’t a fan of neither one. I have super sensitive eyes, and the regular human-hair lashes felt too heavy and could be used only once or twice while lash extensions disturbed my eyes and made some of my own lashes fall off. So when I tried on Luz Lashes for the first time, I was in awe. Mink lashes are like a breath of fresh air for girls who love falsies but have sensitive eyes; they’re super lightweight and you can actually reuse them up to 25 times. They won’t damage your own lashes and you can take them off whenever you feel like it. My collection has different types of upper and lower lashes for every occasion, day and night. Working with Luz Lashes has been an exciting experience and my lash collection will be launched online also this fall. I’m also working on a brand new beauty-related project as we speak!

Name 5 celebs that you’d like to see in your swimwear line.

Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Cheryl Cole and Gisele Bundchen. Some international celebrities have already expressed their interest in Vocês Swim, which feels mind-blowing to me.

How is the U.S. nightlife scene and overall atmosphere in comparison to Europe?

I love the atmosphere in the U.S.! There are a lot of differences between European countries as well as different states here. Southern Europe is the complete opposite of the Nordics where I’m from – people are a lot more outgoing and social in countries like Spain and Italy compared to Finns and Swedes who are more reserved and quiet. That definitely affects the nightlife scene, too. In the U.S., People like to dress up more and they look more confident with what they have on. I also love the music they play here. In Europe you hear the same songs all over again.

How was Miami Fashion Week? How did it feel to represent all European Media?

It’s been real honor to be able to represent all European media at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Miami now two years in a row. I always love the atmosphere there; it’s so different compared to other cities like New York, Paris and Milan. Very laid-back, unique and relaxed – very Miami! Besides, where else do they play reggaeton at fashion shows? My favorite shows this year were by Luli Fama and Nicolita, both are amazing Latina designers. As a swimwear boutique owner and designer, it was a fantastic experience to be a part of Swim Week again.

What have been some of the highlights of your career?

My biggest breakthrough was definitely starting my own column at Metro International. Metro is the largest international newspaper in the world and it’s currently published in 150 cities in 23 countries all over the world. It has 18.3 million daily readers worldwide. I was initially offered an opportunity to start a weekly fashion and beauty column for Metro Finland, which didn’t exist before. After a while, I started writing for other international editions concentrating also on entertainment. It gave me a chance to interview and work with celebrities, and really to enter a new world that opened a lot of doors for me.

Besides modeling, being an entertainment personality and fashion editor, is there anything else that you do?

I’m also a designer, beauty expert, stylist, CEO, creative director and online marketing professional.

What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

Honestly, I’m the definition of a workaholic! I’ve been blessed to find a profession where work doesn’t actually feel like work most of the time. I’ll really have to force myself to take a day off, but even then I’m still glued to my phone checking my email every five minutes. I’m always traveling so I don’t get to see my family and closest friends as much as I’d like so I try to spend all my holidays with them. I visit Finland several times a year and Argentina once a year when it’s winter in Europe. I love to go out to dance and my favorite cities to do that are definitely New York, Miami Beach, London and Barcelona. I’m obsessed with the hookah lounges in NYC, they remind me of London.

What are three things that you can’t leave the house without?

My iPhone, charger and a little emergency makeup bag.

Tell us something that people may not know about you that you would want them to know.

If I wasn’t so strongly attracted to working in the fashion industry, I would have chosen a field of work where I could still interact with people and make them feel good about themselves. I’ve always been drawn to music and acting. When I was younger, I was extremely fascinated by foreign languages. The first article that was ever published about me was when I graduated from high school – I think I still hold the record of choosing to do five language finals instead of the obligatory two in Finland. I did Finnish, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. I remember a newspaper photographer came over to my house for a photoshoot in my backyard where he made me stand on a garden table while posing with the Argentine flag. My friends made so much fun of me, and of course that picture had to be on every single newsstand all over Scandinavia on our graduation day!

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