Spotlighting ‘LUV’ by Rising Writer-Director Sheldon Candis


Sheldon Candis’ directorial debut, ‘LUV’ (Learning Uncle Vernon), is winning over critics at numerous film festivals.

The Sundance Film Festival select depicts the story of an orphaned 11-year-old boy who discovers that his beloved uncle is far from the father-figure that he thought he was. Over the course of a single day, the young , timid William “Woody” Watson, played by standout newcomer Michael Rainey Jr., learns a series of emotional lessons from his ex-convict uncle, played by rapper/actor Common, while on the streets of Baltimore.

In an interview with Candis said, “It’s about a young child being exposed to violence for the first time and coming of age through the realization that his once hero is a bad person. In the course of one day, a boy receives his rite of passage into manhood through the relationship with his recently released from prison uncle. It’s a dysfunctional love story with a tragically optimistic ending. Every boy searches for a father figure — not everybody finds the right one.”

A star-studded cast, including Common, Michael Rainey Jr., Dennis Haysbert, Danny Glover, Megan Good, and Charles S. Dutton, play out this emotional tail.

The film continues to receive much praise in film festivals around the world, and is slated to premiere on BET later this year or early next year.

We’re  also hoping to see it on the big screen!

Check out this clip from LUV and let us know what you think…

-Fran B


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